Goal: Book

The American Cowboy is currently in the process of developing artwork and narrative for a "Spiritual Art" book. The book will include original writings, as well as extravagant drawings, paintings, prints, photography and other unique forms of digital expression. It will also incorporate a combination of Eastern and Western philosophies, quotes, historical references and cultural expression.

Goal: Film Series

The American Cowboy is currently in production of a three episode pilot that will contrast American culture against Eastern (predominantly Asian) culture - language, population, business, faith, customs and more. The goal is to present culture in an educational, but light-hearted manner. The American Cowboy is based in Kentucky USA so it is only natural that they will use the rich tradition of Kentucky culture to launch the larger series. Look for updates in the blog section.

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What Will the Book and Film Series Provide?

1 Education: We hope to educate both Eastern and Western audiences to cultures and color of each other's world. Partly straight-forward, partly abstract, but always informative and entertaining. We will explore the customs, food, languages and more.

2 Information: Each episode will have two topics. We will introduce and inform the audiences on each. Keep in mind that the we have a dual and culturally-polarized audience, so it should be fun. We will look at topics from a unique perspective, considering both Eastern and Western audiences are watching.

3 Acceptance: Why do anything if it can't be challenging, fun and rewarding? The American Cowboy endeavors to take on the cultural challenges. Both domestically and in distant lands in an effort to extend respect and practice tolerance among different worlds.